The Popper Directory

(Last Updated: 21st February, 2003.)

The Popper Directory is a service of The Karl Popper Web. It provides a directory of people interested in the application, elaboration, or criticism of the philosophy of Karl Popper. This does not mean they would necessarily count themselves as Popperians.

If you would like to be included in the directory please email us at You can either provide simply a URL to be referenced, or a full text introduction/bibliography which we will host for you.

This directory is organized in alphabetical order by family name.

A searchable index is also available (but note that this searches only the local information; where the directory entry here is simply a URL to another site, the information on that site is not indexed or searchable here).

Berry, J. Duncan
Boland, Lawrence
Burnham, Richard
Champion, Rafe
Chaves, Eduardo O. C.
Chmielewski, Adam
Cox, Brad
Cziko, Gary
Deutsch, David
Pan Drakopoulos
Eidlin, Fred
Forste, Eric Watt
Funelas, John E.
Glasner, David
Grattan-Guinness, I.
Ho, Eugene Yue-Ching
Jadczyk, Arkadiusz
Jarvie, Ian
Jira, Milan
Kelle, Vladimir V.
Lester, Jan Clifford
Levinson, Paul
Lindahl, B.I.B.
Masters, Curt
McMullin, Barry
Munz, Peter
Musafia, Julien
Niemann, Hans-Joachim
Notturno, Mark Amadeus
Percival, Ray Scott
Rochet, Claude
Rozov, Nikolai S.
Rubin, Sander
Sadeghi, Behnam
Sadovsky, Vadim Nikolayevich
Scerri, Eric
Simpson, Stephen
Smith, Leif
Soros, George
Versailles, David W.
von Mettenheim, Christoph
Wachtershauser, Gunter
Wheeler, Joe

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