(Last revised: 14th January, 2003.)

Original and Basic Maintenance Sponsorship

Computer and networking facilities for The Karl Popper Web are being generously provided by the School of Electronic Engineering of Dublin City University , with support from Sun Microsystems Inc. Up until January 1998 The Karl Popper Web was generously supported by seed funding from The Open Society Institute . We particularly acknowledge the interest and assistance of Jonathan Peizer in arranging this. We would also like to thank The University of Wales College, Newport.

A Request for Funding

We have many exciting ideas yet to develop, and so we are seeking to replace this funding. For example, we would like to make all text automatically translatable to speach for the visually impaired, and to make audio recordings of talks by major thinkers available via streaming download.

If you or your organization would like to help or you know of possible sources of funding, please contact by writing to:

Dr. Ray Scott Percival.
E-mail: profpercival@yahoo.com