Nikolai S. Rozov

Prof. Nikolai S. Rozov is author of the paper A Possibility of Theoretical History: A Response to the Challenge of Karl Popper Voprosy Filosofii, 1995 n.12.

Author of the books:

Any ideas, information, contacts concerning translation and publishing these writings in English are greatly appreciated. English Summaries will be sent for e-mail request

Prof. Nikolai S. Rozov is organizer and moderator of the mailing list PHILOFHI (PHILosophy OF HIstory and theoretical history) including more than 160 members from more than 20 countries. Discussions are rationally and critically oriented. Such Popperian points as Trends, Laws, Mechanisms, Meaning of HISTORY, global social projects, etc. form the very core of PHILOFHI discussions. You can get more information and subscribe to PHILOFHI just now by clicking here.

Contact Information

  Nikolai S. Rozov, Professor of Philosophy
  Philosophy Dept., 
  Novosibirsk State University

  Fax: (3832) 35 52 37 (Russia)

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