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Dr. Ray Scott Percival

University Education



Oct. 88 to Oct. 91           PhD in Philosophy. Field: Philosophy of Argument. Faculty: Economics. The London School of Economics and Political Science.  Awarded 19th February 1992.


Openness to Argument: A Philosophical Examination of Marxism and Freudianism.

Supervisor: Professor Kenneth Minogue.



                                        Roger Trigg:              

                                        Senior Research Fellow and Academic Director of the Centre for the Study

                                        of Religion in Public Life, Kellogg College, Oxford.


                                        David-Hillel Ruben:

                                        Director, N.Y.U. in London. Professor of Philosophy, Birkbeck College, University of London.


    1979 to 1982                    Master of Arts in Philosophy. The University of Warwick.

      Dessertation: Proof Theoretical Definitions of the Logical Connectives.


      Supervisor: David W. Miller. Sir Karl Popper’s Research Assistant. Author of Critical Rationalism: A Restatement and Defence.


    1975 to 1978                    B.Sc. (Hons) Psychology. University of Bolton.



      "Perceptual Defence: A Test of the Freudian Theory of Repression"




AOS: Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Evolution, Epistemology.

AOC: Logic, Philosophy of Language, Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion.











Honours and Awards



                                      2009--- Award for Educational video Podcasting and development of the  IPod project. U.A.E.U.

                                      Tablet Computer.


                                      1999---Winner of the Encyclopaedia Britannica “Internet Guide Award” for

                                      Sir The Karl Popper Web. “Awarded for quality of presentation, accuracy

                                      and content.”


                                                Jan. 97 to Jan. 98            

                                      The Open Society Institute. (New York.) –Sponsorship of The Karl Popper Web internet site and Annual Conference at L.S.E. (Granted to “uniquely gifted individual.”)

                                      (Plus in-kind matching funding from Dublin City University.)

                                       Total value = £40,000.00


                                      Oct.95 to Oct. 96         

                                      The Open Society Institute. (New York.) –Sponsorship of The Karl Popper Web internet site and Annual Conference at L.S.E. (Granted to “uniquely gifted individual.”)

                                      (Plus in-kind matching funding from Dublin City University.)

                                      Total value = £40,000.00

Current Positions



     Aug, 04 to Present    Assistant Professor of Philosophy.

                                       United Arab Emirates University. U.A.E.

                                       Critical Thinking.  Logic. Philosophy of Language. Philosophy of Mind.



Academic Responsibilities: 

2010---Present          ¨  Local Organising Committee for Conference on TIME at U.A.E.U.


(1)   Wrote Philosophy of Mind. (2008)

(2)   Wrote Thematic Application, Minor: Mind (2009)

(3)    Collection and production of common resources for

         the HSR Community (2009).

(4)    Political and Social Philosophy (co-writer)

(5)    Major curriculum development. (2008)

(6)    2 Peer-review committees. (2008)     

(7)    Search Committees.(2007, 2008, 2011)

(8)    Co-chair of the Website Development Committee (2006).

(9)  Member of the Research Grant Committee (2005).

(10) Course Development and Teaching:


         a. Philosophy of Language (wrote 2004, taught 2008 --2011)

         b. Philosophy of Science

         c. Logic (wrote 2008, taught to 2011)

         d. Mind: Minor (wrote 2008)    

         e. Critical Thinking (Taught since 2004)


Previous Academic Positions



   1995   to   1996           Lecturer in Department of Philosophy, Lancaster University.

Teaching Master of Arts students Science and its Critics and Science and the Domination of Nature.



Other Positions


   Jan 2003 to Present    Designer of Verbal Reasoning Tests. Medical College Science Reasoning.  A.C.T. Inc., U.S.A.                                            

   Sept 01 to Jan 03        Assistant Researcher on the economics of colonialism for Professor David Barker, Dep. of Economics, University of Chicago.

1990      to   Present       Writer: on Science and Philosophy. New Scientist, Nature, Times H.Ed.

   1995  to  Present       Developer of the Prize-winning Website, The Karl Popper Web (Britannica  Internet Guide Award)  and the organization of the Karl Popper Forums.

                                       Sponsors: Sun Microsystems, George Soros & Dublin City University. Currently in association with Barry McMullin, Director of The Rince Institute.


Grants and Fellowships



Jan 97 to Jan 98             The Open Society Institute. (New York.) –Sponsorship of The Karl Popper Web internet site and Annual Conference at L.S.E. (Granted to “uniquely gifted individual.”)

                                       (In-kind matching funding from Dublin City University.)

                                       Total value = £40,000.00


Oct.95 to Oct. 96          The Open Society Institute. (New York.) –Sponsorship of The Karl Popper Web internet site and Annual Conference at L.S.E. (Granted to “uniquely gifted individual.”)

                                       (In-kind matching funding from Dublin City University.)

                                       Total value = £40,000.00


           1995                    Central European University. Expenses for philosophy workshop in Budapest.


28th March, 95              Institute for Humane Studies. Hayek Fund for Scholars. Travel expenses for Lecture at The New School for Social Research. 


1988 to 1991                  Economic and Social Science Research Council.. Referees: David Miller (Warwick) and Professor Elie Kedourie (L.S.E.)


May 91 to Oct. 91         The London School of Economics..


           1989                    Institute for Humane Studies. Grant toward organising the Annual Conference on the Philosophy of Sir Karl Popper,


    1988 to 1989             Institute for Humane Studies. Charles R. Lambe Fellowship. $2000. Referees: Professor Julian Simon (University of Maryland) and Professor James Sadowski (Fordham University)


           1988                    Institute for Humane Studies. Hayek Fund for Young Scholars. Travel and Expenses for attending the World Congress on Philosophy in Brighton, England, August 21-27,







1.         The Myth of the Closed Mind: Understanding Why and How People are Rational. Publisher: Open Court, Chicago.  (110,000 words, 352 pages.)


3rd January, 2012.


Editorial Reviews:


“At last, a twenty-first century philosopher willing to stand up and argue for the power of sheer human rationality. Because Ray Percival is so convinced, correctly, of the impact of a rational argument on the human intellect, he is unafraid to offer a no holds barred, comprehensive brief on the strength of rationality.  Preferring Kant to cant, surveying history and reason from Socrates to today’s age of terrorism, Percival has written a tract that Milton, Jefferson, Mill, or Karl Popper would be proud of.  The next time I get into an argument with a well-meaning person who wishes to censor a propagandistic, corporate, or individually hateful point of view, I will recommend a reading of Percival’s The Myth of the Closed Mind.”


                        —Paul Levinson, Professor of Communication and Media Studies, Fordham University and author of New New Media


“Some of what Percival claims is outrageous but some of it is not.  Even though he may not convince most of his readers, many of his arguments are both ingenious and entertaining—and often point to unresolved issues in the theory of rationality.”


                        —James Fetzer, Distinguished McKnight University Professor Emeritus

University of Minnesota Duluth


Articles in Peer-reviewed Journals (See below for peer-reviewed chapters.)


1.         Campbell’s Blind Variation in the Evolution of an Ideology and Popper’s World 3

            Philosophica. (1997), (2), Vol. 60.  pp. 113 – 154.


2.         Dawkins and Mind Viruses: Memes, Rationality and Evolution

            Journal of Social and Evolutionary Systems. (1994) Vol. 17. No. 3.  pp. 243 – 286.


3.         Is Jung's Theory of Archetypes Compatible with Neo-Darwinism and Sociobiology.

            Journal of Social and Evolutionary Systems. (1993) Vol. 16. No. 4.  pp. 459 – 487.


4.         The Metaphysics of Scarcity: Popper's World 3 and the Theory of Finite Resources

            The Critical Rationalist. (1996) Number 2. Vol. 1.  (32 pages,  pdf  format)


5.         Science Evolving. (1995), 13th July, Issue: 371. pp. 666 – 667.

            Review of Evolutionary Naturalism, by Michael Ruse.



6.         Natural Selections.(1994), 20th Oct. Issue: 371. pp. 131 – 132       

            Review of Realism Rescued. by Jerrold L. Aronson, Rom Harre and Eileen

            C. Way.



Chapters in Books



1.         The Necessity of Exosomatic Knowledge for Civilization and a Revision to our Epistemology. In the Anthology: The Nothing in the Contemporary Thought. To be published by Bès Éditions. Editor: Norbert-Bertrand Barbe. (Original publication date: Fall, 2010. Revised by publishers to February 2012.)


2.         Does the New Classicism Need Evolutionary Theory? Beyond the Avant Garde, Open Court. 21 pages.  (pub: Jan, 2009.)   (NOTE: I was told by the publishers that this was to be published in 2009, but I am currently researching this.)


3.         A Survey of British Epistemology, (2006) Continuum Encyclopedia of British Philosophy.

            Editors: Anthony Grayling, Andrew Pyle, Naomi Goulder. Publisher: Thoemmes.

            Key entry: 5000 words.


4.         Scientific Induction, (2006) Continuum Encyclopedia of British Philosophy.

            Editors: Anthony Grayling, Andrew Pyle, Naomi Goulder. Publisher: Thoemmes.

             2000 words.  


5.         Philosophy of Education, (2006) Continuum Encyclopedia of British Philosophy.

            Editors: Anthony Grayling, Andrew Pyle, Naomi Goulder. Publisher: Thoemmes.


6.         Entry on Sir Karl Popper in Thoemmes Dictionary of Twentieth-Century British Philosophers. Editor: Stuart Brown. Publisher: Thoemmes Publishers. (7 July, 2005.)


7.         Persons and Popper’s World 3: Do Humans Dream of Abstract Sheep?

In Szasz Under Fire:The Psychiatric Abolitionist Faces his Critics. pp. 119 – 130. Editor: Jeffrey Schaler, professor at American University, Washington, Department of Justice and Law. (2004.) (Book favourably reviewed by The Journal of the American Medical Association and the British Medical Journal.)


8.         Malthus and his Ghost

      (philosophy and economics of Malthusianism),

In collection of essays: Taking Sides: Clashing Views on Controversial Social Issues. Editors: Kurt Finsterbusch and George Mkenna. Dushkin Publishing Inc. 1990.

Contributors include Noam Chomsky and John Kenneth Galbraith.  (Used for in-class debates.)



Other Peer-reviewed Publications


1.         Publication of The Karl Popper Web by The WiderNet Project,  inclusion in the eGranary Digital Library.   (March, 2010.)


            The WiderNet Project, Cliff Missen, M.A., Director. 

            201 Communications Center
 The University of Iowa, 
School of Library
 and Information Science
, Iowa City, Iowa 52242 USA. (Phone: +1-319-335-2200.  Fax: +1-319-335-5374)



Editorial Publications


Editorial Board Member of The Journal for Evolutionary Biology Research.

(From August 2009 to the present.)


Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the electronic journal The Critical Rationalist (Peer-reviewed. ISSN: 1393-3809.)

Hosted by Dublin City University.

[From 1995 to 1998.]


Founder, Publisher and Moderator of the Critical Café (an online philosophy discussion forum.)

[From 1996 to the present.]






Other Publications in Scholarly and Scientific Journals


[2003]                         “Tug of Love.”

6th Sept.                       Review of Kuhn versus Popper: The Struggle for the Soul

Issue: 2411.                 of Science, by Steven Fuller. 

                                    New Scientist.


[2003]                         Review of Emerson’s Life in Science, by Laura Dassow Walls.

5th July                                    New Scientist.

Issue: 2402                             


[2001]                         “Blindness in Pursuit of Science.”

6th April,                     Review of A Companion to The Philosophy of Science,  edited     

                                    by W. H. Newton Smith, Blackwell

                                    Times Higher Education Supplement


[2001]                         “A Brief, but Passionate Encounter.”

31st March.                Review of Wittgenstein’s Poker, by David Edmunds and John

Issue: 2284                  Eidinow.

Page 48.                       New Scientist


[2000]                         “Challenger to Eistein’s Theory of Time.”

6th Oct.                                    Review of The New Bergson, editor: John Mullarkey and

                                    Duration and Simultaneity, by Henri Bergson.

                                    Times Higher Education Supplement


[2000]                         Review of Doubt and Certainty, by Tony Rothman and George

Issue 20                       Sudarshan.

                                    Science Spectra


[1999]                         Review of Unweaving The Rainbow, by Richard Dawkins.

?                                  Science Spectra


[1999]                         Review of A House Built on Sand, edited by Noretta

?                                  Koertge, Oxford.

                                    Science Spectra



[1999]                         “Archives of the Abstract.”

8th October.                 Review of: British Journal for the History of Philosophy, Editor: G. A. J. Rogers.

                                    The Times Higher Education Supplement.


[1999]                         “Appeal to the Court of Experience.”

28th May.                    Popper: Politics, Philosophy and Scientific Method, by Geoffrey Stokes.

                                    The Times Higher Education Supplement.


[1998]                         “Thoughts about Russell’s Thoughts.”

9th October.                 Review of Bertrand Russel and the Origins of Analytical Philosophy, by Ray Monk and Anthony Palmer.

                                    The Times Higher Education Supplement.


[1998]                         “Breaking the Grip of Materialism.”

6th June.                       Review of Unsnarling the World-Knot,  by David Ray Griffin

Issue: 2137                  New Scientist.


[1998]                         “Nitpicking Newton.”

28th Feb                      Review of Pierre Simon Laplace: A Life in Exact Science, by

Issue: 2123                  Charles Coulston Gillispie.

                                    New Scientist


[1998]                         “Mozart and the Nightingale.”          

21 Feb.                        Review of An Intelligent Person's Guide to Philosophy, by Roger Scruton.

Issue: 2122                  New Scientist.


[1998]                         I. Review of Questioning the Millennium, by Stephen J Gould,

24th Jan.                     Harmony Books

                        II.        Review of Theory of Language, by Hattiangadi,

                                    New Scientist.


[1997]                         “A Sense of Wonder.”

18th Dec                     Review of Confessions of a Philosopher, by Bryan

Issue: 2089                  Magee.Weidenfeld & Nicolson.

            .                       New Scientist.



[1997]                         “A Man of Ideas.”

6th Dec.                      Review of The Sense of Reality: Studies in Ideas and Their

Issue: 2111.                 History, by Isaiah Berlin

                                    New Scientist.



[1997]                         “Where does Awareness Dawn?”

25th Oct.                      Review of The Mystery of Consciousness, by John Searle.

Issue: 2105                  New Scientist.




[1997]                         “Dial P for Philosophy.”

25th Jan.                     Review of Utopia, Dolphins and Computers, by Mary Midgley,

Issue: 2066                  New Scientist.


[1995]                         “Carry on Learning: Learning Cyberspace”

18th Nov.                    Essay Review of Learning Cyberspace. by Paul Levinson.

Issue: 2004.                 New Scientist.


[1995]                         “Worlds 3 Popper 0.”

19th May.                   Review of Mind-Body Problem. Collection of essays.

                                    Eds. Richard Warner and Tadeusz Szubka.

                                    Times Higher Education Supplement.


[1994]                                     Review of The Myth of the Framework and Knowledge and          

10th Dec                     the Body-Mind Problem. Karl Popper. Routledge.

                                    New Scientist.


[1994]                         Cold Turkey - kicking the habit of justification.”

20th Aug.                    Review of Critical Rationalism: A Restatement and Defence,

Issue: 1939                  by David Miller. Open Court.

                                    New Scientist.


[1994]                         “Is Technology a Blessing or a Curse?”

5th March.                  Review of Heidegger and The Ground of Being, by Michel Haar.

Issue: 1915.                 New Scientist.


Educational Videos

Videos to supplement lectures in Philosophy. The videos were produced for the IPod Project at U.A.E.U. and for more general use in my teaching.

Produced, directed and edited by myself. I conducted an anonymous online survey of students using the videos to judge their usefulness.


(Published for DVD, IPod, IPhone, IPad, other smart phones and web-based platforms – Blackboard and YouTube.)

YouTube Channel:  NaiveRealist  (74 subscribers, 18,349, views by 8th September, 2011.)


1. Introduction to Philosophy. (7th March, 2009)

2. The Concept of a Valid Argument. (24th September, 2009)

3. Using Argument as a Tool of Criticism. (27th March, 2009)

4. The Logical Connectives – Supplementary Comments and Two Common Fallacies.

(2nd May, 2009)

5. Kant, Chomsky and the Problem of Knowledge. (11th September, 2009)

6. The Collapse of the Analytic/Synthetic Distinction. (22nd October, 2009)

7. Trial and Error Learning and Critical Thinking. (26th December, 2008)

8. Richard Dawkins’ Theory of Memes. (25th April, 2010)

9. The Importance of Philosophy for Civilization. (29th April, 2010)

(A video of my students using explicit rules of valid argument in a debate on the connection between philosophy and civilization.)

10. Debate on Global Warming. (12th July, 2010.)

(A recording of my students using explcit rules of valid argument in a discussion of global warming.)

11. The Myth of the Closed Mind: Understanding How and Why People are Rational. 19th August 2011.



Membership of Professional Associations



2010---Present          ¨  Local Organising Committee for Conference on TIME at U.A.E.U.


2009---Present          ¨  Editorial Board of The Journal of Evolutionary Biology Research.


1992---Present          ¨  The Alumni Organisation of The Institute of Humane Studies, George Mason University.


2007---2009              ¨ Interdisciplinary Research Project in Cognitive Science. Title: Situation Models, Imagination & Spirituality in Humans and Machines.


1995---1998              ¨ Founder and Editor-in-Chief. The Critical Rationalist, (peer-reviewed  electronic journal).


     1995---Present          ¨ Founder and moderator, Critical Café, (E-mail based forum).


                        1995---Present          ¨ Founder of The Sir Karl Popper Web. (Cooperating University: Dublin City University.)


                        1995---Present               ¨ President of Sir KARL POPPER FORUMS, a network of face-to-face conferences and internet forums. Sponsor: Open Society Institute, New York..

                        1994---2003              ¨ Editorial Board of The Journal of Social and

                         Evolutionary Systems. (New York.) (Formerly, the Journal of Social

                                                               and Biological Structures).


                        1988---1998              ¨ Chairman and Organiser of the Annual Conference on the

                                                               Philosophy of Sir Karl Popper. Based at London School of Economics. Sponsors: George Soros, Securicor, and Routledge.


       1993---1995            ¨ Associate Editor of The Popper Forum (Journal). Guelph, Ontario.

                                                               Editor-in-Chief: Professor Fred Eidlin. 


















Conference Contributions and Invited Talks.



16th – 18th Oct, 2009.     Edinburgh University.  Seventh International Conference on the Book.


20th Feb, 08.                   Emirates University.

Most Knowledg is not and could not be Mental.  Cognitive Science Society of the Middle East.


6th Dec, 2007                  Emirates University.

                                       Critical Thinking and Problem Solving. Openning paper at the

                                       FacultyWorkshop on Enhancing Critical Thinking in the Classroom.


9th Sept, 2007                 Institute of Philosophy, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.

                                       Mental Modules are Conjectures about Conjectures: a Conjecture and  Refutation Model of Lanscape Aesthetic Preference.     


28 March 2003            Hegeler Carus Foundation. Hegeler Mansion, La Salle, Illinois.

Colloquium: After Modernisn and Postmodernism: New Directions in the Arts.


6th - 14th June, 96      Central European University, Budapest,

                                    Participant in Popper Workshop, Translation project.


1996                            Bielefeld University, Germany.

                                    Campbell’s Blind Variation in the Evolution of an Ideology and          Popper’s World 3.


1995                            London School of Economics.

                                    Special Invitaion by Donald T. Campbell to Discussion group on

                                    The Usefulness and Problems of Using Analogies From Biological      Evolution In Understanding the Evolution of Scientific Theories.


28 March  95              The New School for Social Research, New York.

                                    "Richard Dawkins' Theory of Memes and Mind Viruses:

                                    A Comparison of  Meme and Gene Replication"


Feb, 1995                    Liverpool John Moores University. A Popperian View of Religion.


Dec, 1994                    University of Manchester. Popper's Theory of World 3.


July, 1994                   University of Manchester. Wishful and Fearful Thinking.


7th March, 92             The University of York. The Logic, Psychology and Sociology of Openness

                                    to Argument.



5th Feb, 91                  Psychology Department, University of Bolton.

                                    A Darwinian Criticism of Jung's Theory of Archetypes.



30th April, 88             Annual Conference on the Philosophy of Sir Karl Popper.              

                                    Ideology and Criticism.



14th April, 88             Political Studies Association, London. Ideology and Openness to



10th April, 88             Institute of Economic Affairs, London. Popper's Notion of The Immunising Stratagem in Science and Ideology


20th Sept, 87              London School of Economics. The Over-Population Problem


12th March, 86           Institute of Economic Affairs, London. Science and Ideology







v   David Miller, Alumnus of the Philosophy Department,

                                      The University of Warwick CV4 7AL

                                      Telephone:  +44 (0) 24 7652 4543

                                      Fax:        +44 (0) 24 7652 3019



v   Professor Paul Levinson, Communication & Media Studies Department, 

Fordham University,
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Department of Communication and Media Studies

                                       Faculty Memorial Hall 431

                                       New York, NY 10458 U.S.A.

                                       Telephone: +1 718-817-4863




v   Professor Dennis Leavens, Ph.D.

   Interim Dean

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

United Arab Emirates University


Supplemental References:



v   The late Professor Emeritus Donald T. Campbell.

                                       Past President of the American Psychological Association.

Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA 18015. U.S.A. (General Recommendation, available on request.)