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(Last revised: 21st February, 2003)


All contributions to the Popper Newsletter are copyright © of their respective authors. Front matter, editorial, and overall arrangement are copyright © of Fred Eidlin.

Permission is hereby granted to private individuals to access, copy and distribute these materials, in whole or in part, for purposes of private study only, provided that the materials are unmodified, that the original source is clearly identified, that this copyright notice is retained, and that no charges are levied; multiple copying, under these conditions, for class use in educational organizations is specifically permitted.

All other rights are strictly reserved.

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The Popper Newsletter was established in 1983 by Professor Fred Eidlin of Guelph University, Ontario. In Eidlin's words, "...[t]he purpose of this NEWSLETTER is to facilitate personal contacts and exchange of information among people interested in criticism, development, and application of Popper's ideas. This includes those who would not want to be considered Popperians."

It was announced at the Annual Popper Conference, in March 1995, that the Newsletter is to be renamed The Popper Forum, as a more accurate indication of its substantial content. The Popper Forum will continue to be made available, by subscription, in hardcopy form. However, it will also be published electronically, as a service of The Karl Popper Web. Additionally, it is intended, over time, that past issues of the Popper Newsletter will be made available in electronic form. This node will provide access to these as they become available.

These electronic (HTML) versions are being produced from original electronic files, partly using automatic translation tools, including WP2X and LaTeX2HTML. Some manual intervention is also required. In general, the original text is left unaltered, insofar as possible. In particular, typographical errors, present in the original have deliberately not been corrected in the HTML version, lest this would cause confusion in relating the two versions.

The translation work is starting with the most recently published issue, and proceeding backward.

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