Professor Mark Notturno

(Last Updated: 23rd November 1997)

Dr. Mark Notturno is Visiting Professor in philosophy at the Central European University, Budapest . He is the head of the Popper Project , and director of the CEU-HESP Popper Workshops in Budapest. The Popper Project was founded by Karl Popper, Werner Baumgartner, and the Ianus Foundation, and currently receives funding from the Soros Foundation .

Prof. Notturno is the author of Objectivity, Rationality, and the Third Realm: Justification and the Grounds of Psychologism, and the editor of Perspectives on Psychologism. He is also the editor of Karl Popper's last two books, The Myth of the Framework and Knowledge and the Body-Mind Problem. Notturno's new book, Science and the Open Society, which has yet to be published, has been hailed by one anonymous referee as `the best introduction to Popper's work that I have ever read'. Another has said that its `interpretation of Popper's philosophy is probably the most clear and certainly the most sympathetic that I am aware of'. Notturno has also, at Sir Karl's suggestion, constructed a manuscript from ten years' worth of the Introduction to Scientific Method lectures that Popper gave at the LSE. Publication of this volume, however, is currently being prevented by the people who inherited Sir Karl's copyright.

Contact Information

Dr Mark Notturno
Rézsú u. 27
Budapest 1029

Tel: +36-1-176-5933
Fax: +36-1-275-8575

email: Notturno@CEU.HU

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