Dr. Vladimir V. Kelle

Dr. Vladimir V. Kelle, presently Head of the Laboratory Methodological Problems of Informatics, Department of Philosophical and Sociological Problems of the Institute for Systems Analysis (ISA), Russian Academy of Sciences.

Born August 5th, 1947, Moscow; in 1970 graduated from the Moscow State University, Department of Theoretical Physics. Till 1978 worked first at the Lebedev Physical Institute and then at the Institute of Machine Studies of the Academy of Sciences. Since 1978--scientific researcher at the Institute for Systems Analysis.

Ph.D.(Philosophy) from the ISA, 1991; dissertation on epistemological problems of systems modelling.

1980--Young scientists summer programme of the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), Luxenbourg, Austria (Management and Technology Area).

Conducted research and is the author of 21 papers on theoretical issues of systems research, methodological problems of global modelling and some other fields of interdisciplinary systems modelling, e.g. applied to studying problems of ecological and technological risk. In 1996 his research on Modern Systems Methodology was supported by the Russian Foundation for Fundamental Research.

Participated in the Popper's Workshop organized by the Central European University (CEU) (Budapest, October, 1995).

Translated from English some papers for the Yearbook Systems Research: Methodological Problems (1986, 1987; in Russian) and some chapters of Karl Popper's Open Society and its Enemies (Russian edition, 1992). In 1994-1996 participated in translation into English of A.A.Bogdanov's Tektology (joint project with The University of Hull, UK). Presently is the member of the team translating into Russian Karl Popper's Unended Quest and Conjectures and Refutations (this work is supported by the CEU Press).

Contact Information

    The Institute for Systems Analysis
    9, Prospect 60-let Octyabria, 
    117312 Moscow, 

    Phone and Fax: +7-95-1354433

    e-mail: sadovski@isa.msk.su

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