What to submit to the Newsletter? What should be published in the Newsletter?

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What to submit to the Newsletter? What should be published in the Newsletter?

This NEWSLETTER would be of little interest to most of its subscribers (including its Editor) if it contained nothing by news about debates and publications of professional philosophers. Many non-philosophers are interested in Popper's ideas because they find them useful in their own work and their own lives. Many people are intrigued by Popper's ideas because of their relevance to so many different professions, scholarly disciplines, and other areas of life, and because these ideas cut across the traditional disciplinary boundaries of scholarly and professional communities. The NEWSLETTER seeks to provide the focal point and meeting place that has not previously existed for people in the many fields of human endeavor throughout the world who have been influenced, challenged, and annoyed by the works of Popper and others who have extended and criticized his work.

Non-philosophers are especially encouraged to submit news, discussion items, and information about their publications for inclusion in the NEWSLETTER, without worrying much about whether or not there is enough of a direct link to Popper's philosophy to warrant inclusion.

Readers' criticisms of the NEWSLETTER and suggestions for editorial guidelines are welcome.

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